Districon | 11.07.2020

Report from Shanghai Beauty Expo 2020

Author: Christian Kampf, International Group Key Account Director

The Shanghai Beauty Expo in 2020 is a special period of large-scale exhibition. Due to the epidemic, many international brands have been absent. With great efforts of the DISTRICON and WIDER team the SOS brand had a great booth and overall show. Compared to previous years the number of visitors to this exhibition has been reduced, nevertheless the visitors are highly professional. Their interest is mainly focused on whether it can be sold through general trade. Does it comply with China's latest personal care product regulations?

The Shanghai Beauty Expo has been China's largest industry exhibition over these years. SOS has participated in two consecutive exhibitions. The offline market in China is restarting. Although the largest share of sales is done through E-commerce, for SOS brand. At present, the most important thing is to expand the market share in all aspects. The Shanghai Beauty Expo is a display channel for professional buyers from all channels. At this stage, it has great positive significance for the SOS brand!

The Chinese market is exceptionally large, but it is also vastly different from the German market. For example, there are no 'pharmacy' stores in China, but pure drugstores or supermarkets. The rules for the products sold by these two are completely different, although the channels for consumers to buy products are often by e-commerce, but with the government's gradual strict supervision of e-commerce, online and offline policy rules are getting very similar, and corresponding supervision and certification must be passed. The SOS brand has completed the relevant product certification for corresponding drugstore and supermarkets. In the future, we will get more certifications and enter the Chinese market more comprehensively.

The goal of SOS in China is to be the TOP1 in imported personal care products, including brand influence, brand share, and brand satisfaction.

The rapid development of China's e-commerce is not only due to the huge Alibaba, but also various fast and efficient logistics. Consumers can obtain information through various channels, compare products, and then buy products. The slogan of the DISTRICON SOS brand in China is: Make the future well! In the Chinese market after the epidemic, SOS can make a difference!

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Author: Heidemarie Isele, Communication Manager, E-Mail


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