Corporate Culture

The development of our company from consulting to one of the leading suppliers of healthcare products in Germany has been influenced by continuous changes and adaptation processes.

Values such as trust, partnership, social responsibility, dialog capability, courage and foresight are, to this day, the basis of our existing corporate culture - regardless of the company’s eventful history.

For many years now the guiding  values of “TOGETHER. IN ACTION. FOR HEALTH.” have stood at the centre of our activities and in  essence unite our corporate culture.


For us, “together” means putting people  first, as our employees and their personal charisma, coupled with their competence and know-how are the true assets of WindStar Medical GmbH.

We promote a cooperative working  atmosphere, developing ideas and projects with joy and dedication - also controversial ones -  and implement projects as teams/as team players.

As a result of respectful interaction with each other, characterized by trust and esteem, we strive to create an open, dialogue-oriented cooperation internally and externally. In doing so our focus is on networking and division of  labor.

In Action

Our customers are at the focus of our thoughts and actions.

As a result of our consistent proximity to the customers, our in-depth understanding of the market and our healthcare competence, we are in a position to meet our commercial partners on an equal footing and in a cooperative manner.

Our extensive partner network is a guarantee for our capability to react actively, flexibly and dynamically.

Our actions are characterized by permanent change, a challenge to which we continuously face up to, because we are convinced that advancement in times of change is only possible by adapting.

In Action for us also signifies to take responsibility on behalf of the company and to consequently persue self-imposed goals.

For Health

We go a step further in thinking about health, live innovation and set standards. Health is our passion. We feel an obligation toward the consumer  to socialize health by making reliable products which are “affordable” for them.

This includes a perceptibly pleasant company atmosphere, in which our employees can have a sense of well-being.

We try to treat our resources responsibly and to create a work-life balance.