Creation of a unique healthcare network

WindStar is a specialist for successful brands and products on the healthcare market outside of the pharmacy.

In the past two decades WindStar Medical has steadily grown and developed. Today, more than 100 employees work for the company in three locations - Wehrheim in the Taunus (head office), Bielefeld and Würzburg. Our success is also demonstrated by a  product range of approximately 500 articles and 50 million packages sold each year.

Since the end of 2016 WindStar Medical belongs to 7Life, a subsidiary of the ProSiebenSat.1 Group. New strategic approaches resulting from this prepare the ground for a further development of the company as a major player on the healthcare market outside the pharmacy.

Time line

  • 1993: Founding of the ProCon GmbH by Wilfried Eichhorn
  • 1996: Founding of the Claricon Institut für Kundendialog GmbH
  • 1999: Founding of DISTRICON GmbH
  • 2000: Founding of Brand Scout GmbH
  • 2000: Founding of Dr. Kleine Pharma GmbH by Wilfried Eichhorn & Dr. Thomas Kleine
  • 2003: Founding of PureArt GmbH
  • 2007: Launch of SOS as the first own brand
  • 2008: Founding of WindStar Medical AG as a holding
  • 2012: Launch of
  • 2013: Takeover of the VITALIA Vertriebs GmbH in Würzburg
  • 2014: HQ Equita becomes the main shareholder
  • 2016: Merger of the ProMarCon (formerly ProCon) GmbH, PureArt GmbH, Claricon Institut für Kundendialog GmbH and BrandScout GmbH with the WindStar Medical AG
  • 2016: Change of legal form of the WindStar Medical AG into a GmbH
  • 2016: ProSiebenSat.1 becomes main shareholder, the WindStar founders Wilfried Eichhorn and Dr. Thomas Kleine still remain shareholders in the company

From 1993: The beginnings

With the founding of the ProCon GmbH in 1993 Wilfried Eichhorn lays the foundation for what constitutes WindStar Medical today.

His first objective is to become the leading consultant for marketing and product management in the mother & child market segment. With only two employees the company develops concepts for private label products. With Milupa, Beiersdorf, REWE and Penny the customer base and the company grow quickly. Soon the activities are expanded to other market segments.

From 1996: Extension of the service portfolio

Three years later the newly founded Claricon GmbH expands the portfolio with the market research sector. For the first time a consumer hotline for OTC products in the mass market is offered.

In the year 2000 the Brand Scout GmbH is founded for the development and licensing of brands.

In 2003 the PureArt GmbH is founded  to furnish all packaging related services - from design development, through photography to the production of print templates, and thus rounds off the repertoire.

From 1999: The distribution

In 1999 the sales company (oder distributorship) DISTRICON GmbH is founded.

In the year 2000, Wilfried Eichhorn, together with the pharmacist Dr. Thomas Kleine, start with the implementation of an additional idea: the distribution of over-the-counter medicinal products (pharmaceuticals) and food supplements of drugstore brands through the newly founded Dr. Kleine Pharma GmbH. After only three years the customers include dm, Rossmann, Müller and Norma.

From 2001: The 360°- Model

The network created is unique: It offers the complete service spectrum for Private Label brands from a single source - from conceptual idea and market analyses through design, development and distribution to the establishment on the market and end-consumer communication. The business model comes into use in its full scope for first time at REWE.

From 2007: Own brands extend the portfolio

In 2007 the corporate group introduces its first own brand, SOS, and successfully establishes it on the market - a milestone. The main focus of our product range in pharmacist quality is, among other things, heat and cold therapy, disinfection and wound care.

The GreenDoc and Well & Slim brands soon followed. The products of both brands work in a natural way oder manner. While GreenDoc, for example, can help against insomnia and stress, Well & Slim assists effective weight reduction oder weight loss and to permanently maintain your personal wellness weight.

The newest brands to date are VITALIA, Menself and EyeMedica. The Vitalia range is built up around prevention, among others with food supplements and cold and flu bath products. Menself is a brand that concentrates on men’s health. EyeMedica is the first and only brand on the mass-market with the focus on eye health.

From 2008: Everything under one roof

In 2008 the WindStar Medical AG united all subsidiaries in the network with around 45 employees under one roof as a holding. Founder and partners take over board functions.

Private label products continue to represent the core business. A central administration, consequent restructuring and utilisation of synergies help the group to progress further. 2011 it takes a leading position on the German healthcare market outside of the pharmacy.

From 2012: Expansion of distribution

2012 a new sales channel is established with the GoodVita online shop.

2013 WindStar Medical takes over the VITALIA Vertriebs GmbH in Würzburg and thus expands its position as one of the leading suppliers of healthcare products in the private label sector outside of the pharmacy.

From 2014: Combined forces

In 2014 the private equity company HQ Equita becomes the main shareholder of the WindStar Medical AG. With the competent support turnover and profit continue to grow very promisingly.

The subsidiaries ProMarCon GmbH (formerly ProCon GmbH), PureArt GmbH, Claricon GmbH and BrandScout GmbH with the WindStar Medical AG merge with the WindStar Medical AG at the beginning of 2016. Furthermore, the company completes a change of the legal form from AG to GmbH (PLC). The subsidiaries Dr. Kleine Pharma, DISTRICON, Good Vita and VITALIA continue to remain unchanged.

From 2016: Takeover by ProSiebenSat.1

In 2016, WindStar Medical becomes a subsidiary of ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE. This opens up new perspectives for the company. The WindStar founders Wilfried Eichhorn and Dr. Thomas Kleine still remain shareholders in the company In January 2017 the WindStar brand SOS celebrates its TV premier.