What we offer

WindStar Medical is one of the leading suppliers of healthcare products outside the pharmacy.  Long-standing relationships with our trade partners represent a major factor for this success.

Together we open up new market segments in the OTC sector and establish and expand your product portfolios and ranges.

Range of services

We offer our customers a complete range of services: from innovative brand and product concepts as well as packaging design via product development up to marketing and establishment on the market.

Our portfolio comprises of a wide range of dosage forms and modes of application

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Customer orientation

We adapt our services to the individual requirements of our customers. Personal support and continuous dialogue with our customers are standard for us.


We distinguish ourselves by our long-term experience and in-depth expertise with respect to the development, manufacturing and marketing of healthcare products.

Product quality and safety

Highest standards, a certified quality management and scientifically tested proof-of-concepts guarantee the quality and safety of our products.


We deliver products from a large number of suppliers as a one-stop-service provider and compose them especially for the respective retail ranges.


Our concepts and products deliver sustainable impulses on the healthcare market. With innovative brands, such as EyeMedica, we exploit the potential in dynamic markets and use them profitably.

Joachim Behrens
Head of sales Private Label

Yvonne Näfe
Head of sales Brand