WindStar Medical strengthens its power brands SOS and Zirkulin and presents extensive product offensive

  • SOS enters the category for medical skin care products with the “Derma Care” sub-brand and expands its portfolio with products in other categories
  • Zirkulin presents its products in a new brand design, expands its portfolio around the topics of mental health and immunisation and introduces further innovations in the category of digestion
  • The power brands SOS and Zirkulin have shown above-average positive development in 2023 and have grown significantly faster than the overall market with double-digit growth rates

Frankfurt am Main, 7 March 2024 – WindStar Medical Group (“WindStar”), a leading platform provider of high-quality over-the-counter health products for well-being, protection and healing (Well-Health) with several locations in Germany and an international distribution network, is presenting a comprehensive product offensive for its two power brands SOS and Zirkulin in spring 2024. Both brands will significantly expand their product portfolio and will also be presented in a new brand and packaging design. The new products will be delivered gradually over the coming weeks and can then be found on the shelves of its retail partners.

New products under the Zirkulin power brand include white curcuma with highly dosed and activated curcumin and ginger for digestion and a strong immune system, the new probiotics booster Zirkulin Biotix 100, which supplies up to 100 billion valuable lactic acid cultures every day to maintain healthy intestinal flora, and the Zirkulin digestive aid – a multi-enzyme complex with five digestive enzymes plus calcium. In addition, the Greendoc and Naturbell brands will also be integrated under the Zirkulin brand umbrella from mid-2024 on, thereby significantly expanding its target group. Zirkulin is expanding its range to include products for mental health and immunisation.

SOS, in turn, will significantly expand its product portfolio of medical skin care products under the new “Derma Care” sub-brand. Other new products, including such for sports injuries, will also be added. Moreover, the EyeMedica brand for eye health will also be integrated into the SOS brand. By broadening the product range of its power brand SOS in this way, WindStar aims to gradually address younger target groups in future.

SOS and Zirkulin grow faster than the overall market, both brands among the top 10 OTC brands in Germany

The power brands SOS and Zirkulin performed above average in 2023 and grew significantly faster than the market as a whole. In drugstores and retail, for example, SOS grew by around 24 per cent in the muscle relaxation segment. In the foot health category, the brand even grew by over 29 per cent. Zirkulin, with its products for healthier digestion, is also experiencing significant double-digit growth and is performing significantly better than the market. Both brands are among the top 10 OTC brands in the drugstore market in Germany.

Back in autumn 2023, WindStar Medical adopted a new claim at company level, "Well-Health for Everyone", which clearly expresses the company's mission – namely to democratise pioneering innovations for a healthy everyday life for its customers and make them accessible at affordable prices. Well-Health is deliberately broadly defined and encompasses the three pillars and product categories of health, well-being and beauty. In this context, also the WindStar logo has undergone a rebrush and the website has been revamped.

Dr Dominique Friederich, CEO of WindStar, said:
“At the start of the new business year, we have significantly increased our focus on our power brands SOS and Zirkulin. With the SOS brand, we are entering the medical skincare category and, through the integration of the EyeMedica brand, we are moving more strongly into the area of eye health. We are thus significantly increasing the market significance and reach of SOS. We have also positioned the Zirkulin brand even more as a specialist for holistic gastrointestinal health with the relaunch and integration of the Naturbell and Greendoc brands. With these strategic decisions, we have prepared the ground for continuing our growth trajectory in 2024 and for tapping into new and younger target groups.”

Martin Wulle, CCO of WindStar, said:
“’Well-Health for Everyone’ is an expression of our aspiration to democratise pioneering, innovative health and well-being products and make them accessible at affordable prices. With our latest product offensive, we are delivering on this promise once again. All new developments are in line with the spirit of the times and offer sought-after health solutions for well-being, protection and healing.”

About WindStar Medical Group

WindStar Medical Group (”WindStar”) is a leading platform provider of over-the-counter (OTC) health and well-being products for well-being, protection and healing (Well-Health) with headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, several locations in Germany and an international distribution network. In response to the increasingly hybrid consumer behaviour, WindStar combines expertise in building and developing its own brands with expertise in developing private labels. Together with existing and new partners, the company is constantly establishing innovative healthcare and well-being brands or developing entire product ranges under one brand umbrella. The anchor brands are the power brands SOS and Zirkulin. WindStar Medical also supplies a large number of articles for the private labels of drugstores, supermarkets and discounters.

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